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Frequently Asked Questions: Adopting a Family
How Many Families can I Adopt?
It is recommended that you adopt no more than 2 families. Keep in mind you will need to have space in your car for 3-4 boxes per family. Most vehicles can only manage 4 boxes at a time.

Do I Have to Spend my own Money?
Donations are used to provide money for the shoppers to use when purchasing a gift. Depending on how much money is raised and how many children need assistance determines the voucher amounts. Generally speaking, LCCT provides $25 per child. Shoppers may spend their own money, but it is certainly not required.

How Many Boxes of Food Will I be Delivering?
The amount of food donated determines the number of boxes per family. Generally speaking, each family receives 4 boxes of food. Please keep in mind, the average empty car trunk can only hold 4 boxes. If adopting 2 families, you more than likely will have to make 2 trips.

What if I can’t get a Hold of the Family I Adopt?
When families call to apply for assistance, every effort is made to get all contact information. For many, their circumstances can change without notice. If you are not able to reach them by phone, please make an effort to go by their house and try to make contact. If after several tries you are unable to contact the family, please notify the LCCT office.

Does the Family I Adopt Have to be Home on Delivery day?
Yes! When they apply for assistance, they are instructed to be home on delivery day. When you call to ask them for their wish list, it is helpful to remind them of the delivery day and what time you will be coming to their home. Because we are providing perishable items, we can not leave the food and gifts on their porch.

Why are Vouchers for Such a Small Amount?
Vouchers are determined by how much money is raised and how many children apply. More money raised means larger vouchers.

How can I Make a Donation?
100% of the funds raised goes towards the LCCT program. To make a donation, send your check or money order to the LCCT:
1600 S Withers Road
Liberty, MO 64068

Do we buy Gifts for the Parents?
The vouchers provided are intended to be used for the children. If you would like to purchase items for the parents with your own money, that is at your discretion.