Eagle Scout

Requirements & Process
Eagle Scout Project Guidelines
  • The Eagle Scout candidate must read the Liberty Parks and Recreation Eagle Scout Project Guidelines (PDF) thoroughly.
  • The Eagle Scout candidate has allowed a minimum of 4 months for project completion. (LPR does not accept "emergency" deadlines due to Scout's impending 18th birthday)
  • The Eagle Scout is prepared to make all contacts and communications for projects with limited parental involvement.
  • The Eagle Scout is prepared to present himself in a professional manner in all communications (written, email, phone calls).
Step 1
Complete and submit Eagle Scout application and proposal.

Step 2
Return the completed application to:
Liberty Parks and Recreation Volunteer Coordinator
1600 S Withers Road
Liberty, MO 64068

Step 3
Contact the volunteer coordinator by email to be placed on Liberty Parks and Recreation Park Board agenda. Staff will review application and proposal prior to Park Board meeting.

Step 4
Attend Liberty Parks and Recreation Park Board Meeting. Eagle Scout should be prepared to present project plans and answer questions. Park Board meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.

Step 5
Upon approval, the Eagle Scout applicant will be assigned a Liberty Parks and Recreation staff member who can assist with general questions about proceeding with project. Candidate should plan to provide periodic updates to staff member through out the course of the project as well as take pictures before, during and after project.

Step 6
Eagle Scout Candidate notifies Liberty Parks and Recreation volunteer coordinator of completion of project and schedules a walk through of project with staff. If the Eagle Scout candidate has complied with the all requirements staff will sign necessary documents.